And Then There Were 4

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And Then There Were 4
by Al Goshman

From one of the masters of close-up magic, Al Goshman, comes this sponge routine that you will love. After performing this, you will have the people swearing that you are a sleight of hand expert, but believe it or not, little skill is required.

You hold a sponge cube in your hand and close the fist. Taking a coin, you touch the hand, reopen it, and TWO cubes appear! You repeat the process and this time - THREE cubes appear! Wow!

But wait ... imagine this ... the three cubes are seen in your hand! You ask the audience, "Would you believe that if I closed my fist that there would now be four?" With that you tap the coin against your hand, open the fist, and there is only one - but it is a SUPER LARGE and cut into the shape of the numeral "four"!

A smooth effect that anyone can master, and this can be performed in the spectator's hand.

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