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Located in the heart of Midtown, in the Herald Square district of New York City, Tannen's Magic has been catering to the needs of professional and amateur magician's since 1925.

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Atlas Obscura

The Key by Wayne Dobson

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Easy as 1, 2, 3!


The card and The chip MATCH! 


A gorgeous, brand new edition with coins made to be the perfect size and weight!


The most revolutionary version of Out of This World you will ever perform! 


The perfect opener for parlor or stage!


A deceptively simple system that gives you the power to break the laws of physics! 


What do you say when you perform?


FREE USA SHIPPING thru The Holidays!

Two revolutionary gimmicks. Together.

Was: $199.95
Now: $190.00

Leave your spectators with a memory and a memento!


A groundbreaking shell accompanied by killer routines!


Make a Sharpie vanish with the clap of your hands!


The cleanest thought-of card routine EVER!


A card from phone like no other.


The highest quality peek wallet ever!


Close-up magic at its best!