Featured Products

52 Lovers Through the Looking-Glass

FREE USA SHIPPING thru Friday, August 23, 2019!

Contains unpublished material previously known only to a few privileged people. 

Alice Book Test by Josh Zandman

Take your performance to the next level with this extremely clean, easy-to-perform book test!

The Key of Fate

The most requested routine from Luca's lecture is available!

Thinner by Mathieu Bich

Mathieu's closer at the Magic Castle for years!

Deep Clear by Paul Harris

The brilliant evolution of Deep Astonishment 

The Joy of Magic by Miguel Gómez

FREE USA SHIPPING thru Friday, August 23, 2019!

An open door into the work and character of Miguel Gómez, one of Spain's most renowned magic stars.

Midnight Breakfast by The Other Brothers

A gigantic leap forward in the "Out to Lunch" principle!

Legacy V2

From the creators of Heirloom, one of the best-selling tricks of the last decade, comes a miracle that fits in your pocket. 

NOC Colorgrades

Designed exclusively for Art of Play and inspired by the natural gradients of a desert sunset and tropical forest.

Sleeving System

"It's the best I had ever seen, it's incredible, it's pushing sleeving forward, check it out!" - Daniel Garcia 

Crossfire Book Test

A fast, clean, and stunning new book test, in which you read the thoughts of between 4 and 8 spectators.

Lucky Card Deluxe

Armed with a deck and the Frame, you are set to perform a complete card act.

Naked ESP by Michael Murray

Instantly locate any symbol from within the spread!

Venom Cube

The cleanest and most direct matching effect you've ever seen.


A prediction engraving system designed for the close up performer.

Super Mega Card Miracles

Cameron's favorite 12 routines from two decades of creating.

Tannen's Magic Kids Kit

A curated collection of high quality wonders and amusements for a newcomer to magic!

Calendar by Rick Lax

Guess someone's birthday without writing anything down, fishing for clues... or checking their Facebook profile.

Ultra Lucky Coin

Built to last a lifetime, this is Erik's signature close-up trick, available for the first time in very limited quantity.

Little Door

A magical, illustrated tale designed to entertain and enrapture audiences of all ages.

Any Card by Richard Sanders

A killer effect that packs a HUGE punch to the spectator's mid section!


Silhouette gives you the uncanny ability to manipulate and interact with shadows. 

Rubiked (Gimmick & App)


A completely new way to perform a Rubik's cube prediction.