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Located in the heart of Midtown, in the Herald Square district of New York City, Tannen's Magic has been catering to the needs of professional and amateur magician's since 1925.

We have thousands of magic items right here online. You will find every kind of trick imaginable as well as related items, DVD's, books and more! From beginners to the most advanced magician, we have something to meet your every magic need. 


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Martin Lewis' dream, now a reality!


The most impossible "Stab To Your Card" trick ever!


"This is my kind of magic!" - Dynamo


A modern take on the Drivers Lung Tester, sure to make your spectators laugh out loud.


The best of cube magic with the Magic Square!


October 23, 2018

7:00 p.m. @ Tannen's


"My highest recommendation." - Roberto Giobbi


Looking to enhance a great moment with the production of smoke?


Woody Aragon's very first two-DVD set!


A hugely commercial piece of visual magic!


"One of the best peek devices I have come across in my 30 years of magic." - Mark Mason


Have you ever desired to travel the world with almost no props?


It could fool even the most famous magicians on television!


Guaranteed to Cure all your Cardistry, Magic and Gaming Ailments!


A complete set of props with amazing routines!


"A clever update on Badlands Bob." 
- Liam Montier 


Multiple effects! One box!


A signed playing card through a bill!


Make a signed card appear anywhere, limited only by your imagination.


The most like Jerry's Nugget decks obtainable!

$20.00 - $200.00

A diabolical, practical semi-automatic switching device.



Johnny Thompson, truly, has done it all.


Gambling is only risky when you don't know the outcome.


You can't POSSIBLY have control over the cards... but somehow you do!


Gum magic at its most visual!


Your first and only opportunity to witness Denis Behr's brilliance live and on video!


Two best sellers in one place from some amazing minds!


Translated by Tannen's very own Noah Levine!

Luis Piedrahita cleverly creates the most stunning effects possible!


Without a doubt, the greatest marked decks ever made.

$12.00 - $120.00

The highest quality peek wallet ever!